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History of Kerizinen

Here is a history of the construction of the small and large oratory of Kérizinen, currently the large oratory with a capacity of 1200 seats, adorned with magnificent stained glass windows.

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In 1955, following the recovery of the little

Aimé D. (see the Messages booklet p 146),

Jeanne-Louise obtained verbal authorization

of a Vicar General to build an edifice of

8 m by 6 m to shelter pilgrims. And the 8

December 1955, day of the immaculate

Conception, 5000 people came to

Kerizinen to pray and celebrate the event.


For a long time now, the little oratory could not contain the pilgrims who thronged in all weathers. A large tent was pitched nearby, but the severe storms quickly overcame it. Indeed, during the bad season, the wind blows almost permanently in Kerizinen

Small oratory before the construction of the second building
Construction of the small oratory
construction oratoire 2t800.jpg
construction oratoire 3t800.jpg

Jeanne-Louise attended the laying of the first stone among the pilgrims on September 12, 1976. In the same way, she will also be there for the inauguration on September 17, 1978, very happy that this project was able to succeed.

Jeanne-Louise can no longer face the influx of pilgrims alone. In 1972, at his request, an association "Les Amis de Kerizinen" was created. The latter, in close liaison with it, disseminates messages, medals, etc. In addition, it manages the property of the domain and gradually builds the necessary equipment.

And it was a pity to see the pilgrims outside in all kinds of weather. It was therefore for the sake of sheltering them that Jeanne-Louise decided in 1975 to build a larger oratory. The initial Breton-style project was refused and a building permit was only issued for a more modern-style building.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

During this beautiful day, the building was offered to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, a statue representing them having been installed that day. No mass has been celebrated in the small or the large oratory since their construction until this day, Jeanne-Louise awaiting the authorization of her Bishop for this, the prayers of the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross being the only prayers recited. in this place

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construction grand oratoire suite.jpg
construction oratoire 4t800.jpg
The different phases of the development and modification of the small oratory.

The great oratory of kerizinen


Interior view with the small oratory


Overview of the small oratory


Statue representing the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary inside the large oratory.


The statue of Notre-Dame

of the Most Holy Rosary

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The wooden gatehouse offered during the first healings

The large oratory is adorned with magnificent stained glass windows, of which here is an overview in slide show.

soon to follow part 2

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